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Soccer Betting Tips in 2020


When asking someone in the United States about soccer, many fans will not have much to say. Play in the states is nowhere near the level that is played around the world. However, when it comes to betting, the amount that you bet on a match in the Premier League is worth the same if you bet on a match in the leagues within the United States. Here are some betting tips to consider when betting on soccer in 2020.


International Players


It is no secret that many European players have made their way across the ocean to play in the Major League Soccer League. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should bet heavily on those players. Even though the individual players are better, it does not mean that their teams are going to rank at the top. An overall better team is still going to beat teams with superstar players. Since Sport books are aware that bettors tend to lean towards teams with European players, the odds are set accordingly. Beware of the impact that the players have on the odds, and decide if the bet is worth it in the long run.


Most Games End In Draws


Unlike most American sports, soccer matches tend to end in draws regularly. Though the excitement point of view that is not the most desirable outcome, it does have a big impact on the betting world. If the teams are evenly matched, placing a small bet on a draw could be a fun way to win. Place a bet on a team to win, to increase the odds of winning.


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